Thursday, 21 June 2007

GPL compliance issues are tearing Joomla! apart

By Tina Gasperson on June 20, 2007 (4:20:47 AM) (posted on

Joomla! project leader Louis Landry and his colleagues want to protect the project they love. That's why, after two years of allowing proprietary plugins for the open source CMS, the group has decided to ask third-party developers for voluntary compliance with the terms of the GNU General Public License, under which Joomla! is licensed. Those developers are complaining that it's unfair for Joomla! to reverse its position after "a bunch of companies spent millions," according to one developer employed by a company that markets the proprietary extensions. Landry says he and the Joomla! team were wrong to have allowed the exceptions, and a return to compliance is essential in order to legally protect the open nature of Joomla!.

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Monday, 18 June 2007

Open Source Inevitable - according to IBM SVP

IBM SVP Steve Mills: Open Source Is Inevitable

Read all about it!

Linux PC Authenticates as Genuine Windows

Apart from the question - Why? and the obvious answer - because...!

Read the article at slashdot.

There is also another article on the same site about how Red Hat has received another level of security certification.

slashdot - don't fear the penguins!

Friday, 15 June 2007

March Charity makes it sweet (IT Suite-!) for Young People

Young People March (YPM) is a voluntary organisation, established in 1993 and achieving charitable status in 1994. The centre is run with help from adults, and young people who volunteer, bringing a wide range of skills from the local community.

YPM wanted to provide an I.C.T. suite for young people providing them with PC’s, Internet access, and access to commonly used software application such as Microsoft Office.

Paul Ruskin, Director of Social Enterprise of Advice For Life, the organisation which runs the Cambridgeshire Circuit Rider Project, met with Young People March, to discuss the Computer Suite Project and identify what exactly Sarah and Jayne wanted to achieve.

Having a clear understanding of what was required meant Paul was not only able
to procure the I.T. equipment and furniture at very favorable rates, but, with the resulting savings against previous quotes, could also provide a full ICT support contract and some software application training.

The furniture was built on site by the suppliers and the ICT equipment was installed by Paul Jefford, Circuit Rider Manager, and his son Daniel, who was on his weeks work experience from Ely Community College at the time.

What Young People March Thought About The Project

Dear Paul(Ruskin)

I just want to say thank you very much for the help, support and management of our new computer suite. The organising and delivering was spot on we never had to worry about a thing which was a tremendous help to us as we are not great in the installation and purchasing of such equipment. Everyone here at YPM is very grateful and very pleased with the end results. It was great to meet you and feel comfortable knowing you had our interests at heart in what you were providing for the young people at YPM.

Since the computers have been installed they have been extremely popular and we are seeing more young people in the centre which means we are providing a better service for the community, keeping the young people off the streets and reducing anti social behaviours, they love it some of the young people have never had access to this facility so thanks to Leader + and yourselves we feel privileged to be able to provide them with this opportunity.

I would also like to thank Paul (Jefford) and his work experience student for their part in the set up, again very nice approachable people a job we could not have managed ourselves and with their knowledge and advice we felt very satisfied with your service.

We are looking forward to the training and we will see you soon.

A big thank-you from all staff and members of
Young People March


Sarah Brown / Jayne Manders (centre managers)

Linux Distros Of The World Unite!

Latest from the Inquirer - a report about what should happen now that Microsofts lawyers have done a deal over the 280 odd patents it thinks the various versions of Linux infringe!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

In Space They Can't Hear You Scream At Your Computer

Could we have found another user for our 'Space' Shuttle?

I have come across reports of problems with the computers on board the International Space Station! (See upgrading to Vista wasn't such a good idea, was it!)

Posted on the Inquirer today;

International space station computers crash

In space, no one can hear you scream
Nick Farrell in Gallifree: Thursday 14 June 2007, 16:13

THREE RUSSIAN computers onboard the International Space Station have crashed causing the station to lose its ability to move.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, only one computer was needed to be able to command jet firings but none of the three will work.

Apparently, they have tried turning it off and turning it on again but that didn't do nuttin. It is also a bit tricky getting the technical support bloke or bloke-ette up that far.

The three computers have crashed before. In fact, just before a fairly crucial bit of installation work. The shuttle Atlantis managed to control the station for bit but that is not really enough for the long term.

If the Russians can't get the computers going they might have to un-man the station for a bit. Which will be annoying, if technical support does get up there they can only guarantee 'mornings' or 'afternoons'.

You just know that if the cosmonauts just pop out for a moment that will be when technical support will make an appearance.

More here

I wonder how much diesel we would need to get there and back!

Fashion For Techies

Well folks we all know that the first thing on the mind of any serious techie when they wake up in the morning is what shall I wear today!

We are after all recognised for our fashion sense and overall satorial elegance!

To prove this here is a list of the Top 10 Shirts for G33Ks!

My own personal favourite? - The T-Equalizer! 

What is geeky about the T-Equalizer tee shirt?

For starters, it's the most unique piece of clothing we've ever seen. A graphic LED equalizer is built in to the front of the shirt with a fully functional EL (Electro Luminescence) panel. When four AAA batteries are inserted into the pocket inside the shirt, its equalizer will light up to the beat of music playing in the background.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Web inventor gets Queen's honour

Sir Tim Berners Lee, credit as being the inventor of the world wide web has been awarded the Order of Merit, one of the UK's most prestigious honours.

Full Story Here

Taking The WEEE !

EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) aims to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment, by increasing re-use and recycling and reducing the amount of WEEE going to landfill. It seeks to achieve this by making producers responsible for financing the collection, treatment, and recovery of waste electrical equipment, and by obliging distributors to allow consumers to return their waste equipment free of charge.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive was agreed on 13 February 2003, along with the related Directive on Restrictions of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).

The implementation of the WEEE Directive in the UK has been delayed. It was due to be transposed into Member State legislation by 13 August 2004 and come into force by 13 August 2005.

The UK Regulations implementing the WEEE Directive were laid before Parliament on 12 December 2006 and enter into force on 2 January 2007. Non-Statutory Guidance was published on 28 February 2007 .

There are a couple of interesting articles that are worth a read.

But how do small businesses cope with the cost of implementation. Is the government really taking the WEEE!

WEEE directive threatens Microsoft OEM sales

UK government takes the WEEE out of IT retailers

Vista Minute! Could it be new MS Operating System is not faultless?

Just when you thought Vista had achieved global domination, some hardware suppliers (including Dell and HP) are offering systems with a choice of XP and Vista.

Stick with what works - you know it makes sense. Perspectives on Vista from
TechSoup and the ICT Hub Knowledgebase and experiences from users.

Greener IT

Google and Intel are promoting greener IT.

The following article is published on the BBC News site.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Regional ICT Champion Eastern Region - On Tour

The Regional ICT Champion Tour Bus stopped today in Stevenage, Herts as guests of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure Consortium, (HIC).

Invited to present information about the successful Circuit Rider project being run in Cambridgeshire, and to run an afternoon session to assist HIC develop a Strategic ICT Planning document.

Thank you to HIC for inviting the Regional ICT Champion to their meeting.
Thank you for the nice lunch.
And a very big thank you to everyone who took part in the afternoon workshop.

Here are some picture of every one hard at work in the afternoon workshop.

Safari for Windows

Anyone who has downloaded Apple's Web browser, Safari, for their windows machine may be interested in the following article

Apparently it has a security hole in it! What fun!

Space Shuttle Etheldreda

Launched at 09:05 from Cape Lancaster Way Launch Centre, AFL mission control,Ely,reported a succesful touch down on 'Red Square' a.k.a Ely Market Place, at 09:25. Apart from a minor problem on final approach the flight & landing were perfect.

The mission;
Set Up The International Space Gazebo and make contact with the indiginous population and spread the word... (by inviting as many as wanted on to the shuttle itself to see what was what, and also use some of the equipment!)

Having succesfully completed it's mission AFL Shuttle Ethelreda took off at 14:30 and arrived back at launch centre at 14:45. The flight crew also brough back Astronughts Matthews and Benato who had been part of the Space Gazebo build team that arrived at the landing site earlier that day on a scheduled space flight.

Having been transported back to mission control - e-space south, Ely - there followed a mission debriefing session after which the jubilant Space Crew was re-united with its friends and family!

Below are some mission photographs:

The Flight Crew Preparing For Take Off - Loading Lunar Command Module Discovery

Final Briefing : L-R Capt Matthews, Cprl D Jefford, Capt Benato, Gen Ruskin

Space Shuttle Etheldreda in all her glory

First Contact!


Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Circuit Rider Project Blog!

What is a circuit rider? These days it normally means an IT specialist that works in or for the voluntary sector providing support, consultation, training and strategic advice to the voluntary sector. Circuit Riders are also known as e-riders.

Circuit Riding has its roots in the deep south of the USA at the turn of the 20th century. There were not enough church ministers for the number of churches. So they rode from church to church (on a circuit) providing religious comfort and ministering to the local parishioners.

You can find out more at more about Circuit Riders here