Thursday, 14 June 2007

In Space They Can't Hear You Scream At Your Computer

Could we have found another user for our 'Space' Shuttle?

I have come across reports of problems with the computers on board the International Space Station! (See upgrading to Vista wasn't such a good idea, was it!)

Posted on the Inquirer today;

International space station computers crash

In space, no one can hear you scream
Nick Farrell in Gallifree: Thursday 14 June 2007, 16:13

THREE RUSSIAN computers onboard the International Space Station have crashed causing the station to lose its ability to move.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, only one computer was needed to be able to command jet firings but none of the three will work.

Apparently, they have tried turning it off and turning it on again but that didn't do nuttin. It is also a bit tricky getting the technical support bloke or bloke-ette up that far.

The three computers have crashed before. In fact, just before a fairly crucial bit of installation work. The shuttle Atlantis managed to control the station for bit but that is not really enough for the long term.

If the Russians can't get the computers going they might have to un-man the station for a bit. Which will be annoying, if technical support does get up there they can only guarantee 'mornings' or 'afternoons'.

You just know that if the cosmonauts just pop out for a moment that will be when technical support will make an appearance.

More here

I wonder how much diesel we would need to get there and back!

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