Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Space Shuttle Etheldreda

Launched at 09:05 from Cape Lancaster Way Launch Centre, AFL mission control,Ely,reported a succesful touch down on 'Red Square' a.k.a Ely Market Place, at 09:25. Apart from a minor problem on final approach the flight & landing were perfect.

The mission;
Set Up The International Space Gazebo and make contact with the indiginous population and spread the word... (by inviting as many as wanted on to the shuttle itself to see what was what, and also use some of the equipment!)

Having succesfully completed it's mission AFL Shuttle Ethelreda took off at 14:30 and arrived back at launch centre at 14:45. The flight crew also brough back Astronughts Matthews and Benato who had been part of the Space Gazebo build team that arrived at the landing site earlier that day on a scheduled space flight.

Having been transported back to mission control - e-space south, Ely - there followed a mission debriefing session after which the jubilant Space Crew was re-united with its friends and family!

Below are some mission photographs:

The Flight Crew Preparing For Take Off - Loading Lunar Command Module Discovery

Final Briefing : L-R Capt Matthews, Cprl D Jefford, Capt Benato, Gen Ruskin

Space Shuttle Etheldreda in all her glory

First Contact!

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