Saturday, 21 July 2007

Linux Phone Now Available!

WOW. Move over MS with your Mobile Windows! Ditch that MS based SmartPhone, there is a new kid on the block made by FIC of Taiwan.

In fact there are two models available.

Available in black/silver and orange/white finishes and cost $300 for the base model and $450 for the advanced.

What are the NEO's USP's

1. Only being sold in the US

2. Definetly not for use by the general public - being targeted at developers only.

3. Neither model has an integrated GPRS data access feature - and blurb on upcoming improvements fails to mention this either

4. You shouldn't rely on being able to make a call either

5. You can't send or receive txt msg's.

6. Doesn't integrate with Blue Tooth

7. There is no ability to set network preferences either

So lets all not rush out and by one just yet. However, knowing what the OpenSource community is like it won't be long before these issues are resolved.

Read more about these phones by clicking here and here

Monday, 16 July 2007

Who has the cheapest Broadband?

Global broadband prices revealed - reports the BBC News Website

Countries with the fastest broadband use fibre optic networksBroadband users in 30 of the world's most developed countries are getting greatly differing speeds and prices, according to a report.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (
OECD) report says 60% of its member countries net users are now on broadband.

Read the rest of the BBC article here

Friday, 13 July 2007

BBC caves in to open source downloaders

In what is turning out to be a bad time for the Beeb, (with the incident over Blue Peter, and upsetting Her Majesty The Queen), it seems they are now having to sit up and take notice of the open source community as well.

BBC caves in to open sauce downloaders - writes the Inquirer;

"THE BBC TRUST will talk to people from the open source community who are bothered that the corporation's "iPlayer" will only work with Windows XP at launch on the 27th of July.
The Open Source Consortium (OSC) complained to the BBC, to the Department of Trade and Industry and to Ofcom that Linux didn't seem to be on the corporation's iSmorgasboard."

Read the full article on the Inquirer here
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Thursday, 12 July 2007

AFL SED adds another string to its bow

AFL's Social Enterprise Division added another string to its bow today with the completion of a successful net;gain pathfinder workshop which means it is well on the way to becoming a fully accredited net:gain centre.
Paul Ruskin, Director of Social Enterprise for AFL, said he was extremely pleased to be able to add net:gain to the SED stable, as he feels that the net:gain program not only reinforces, but enhances the work carried out by AFL's circuit rider project.

"Having an ICT strategy is becoming a must for all VCO's as funders and stakeholders are starting to require this as part of funding bid process. Helping VCO's develop their own ICT Strategic Plans has been at the heart of the work our Circuit Riders carry out - put simply, by the organisation better understanding what is they need to do, and to have, to deliver and fulfil their commitments to clients, stakeholders, staff and volunteers, it makes our job as technology providers and facilitators that much easier. It means we can more effectively deliver one of our key aims which is to make ICT an easy to use tool whilst ensuring it's not a burden in terms of access, time or cost".

The pathfinder workshop was lead by Paul Jefford and David Poulter from the Cambs Circuit Rider Project, both of whom are now on the verge of obtaining their licences as full net:gain trainers.
The workshop was attended by representatives from the newly merged voluntary services in Ely, Age Concern (UK and West Norfolk District), COVER, AFL, and Care Network.

The days proceedings were over seen by Serena Malone from ruralnet, the organisation responsible for net:gain.

We would like to express our very sincere thanks to all who participated in the workshop and making the day a success.

Below are some photos of the day!

AFL's very own Batman & Robin
a.k.a as Paul Jefford(l) and David Poulter(r)

Flying the company flag 1 - the new CCRP banner

Flying the Company Flag 2 - the new AFL SED Banner

The dynamic duo in action!

Delegates enjoying a nice refreshing cuppa before
embarking on the next step of the workshop

Italian Government Undertakes Europes Biggest Switch To FOSS

Italys parliament has unveiled plans for the largest governmental switch to Free & Open Source Software writes the Inquirer

"The IT department of the Italian parliament presented plans on Wednesday to begin migrating some 3500 desktop PCs, including those of its 630 MPs, away from Windows to SuSE Linux starting this September. The Camera dei deputati will also run SuSE on all of its two hundred servers."

Read more here

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Capacitybuilder Annual Conference Update

If you are interested the Capacitybuilders website has been updated with news about the conferece and the release of their publication of Destination 2014.

Click Here

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Although I have worked in the IT industry for approx 14 years I have never considered my self a geek/nurd etc.

However, having got the 'lets just have a play' bug I have been looking at running Linux on MS Virtual PC 2007 with some limited success and also trying to run Linux On A Stick (USB Flash Drive).

Why? Why Not!

But it has been one of those things where I have got compulsive over trying to make the damn thing work!

So as I am writing this post on a Linux PC that is running from my 1GB flash drive does that mean I am doomed? :)

I have tried several flavours of Linux
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
Feather Linux
DSL (Damn Small Linux)
Puppy Linux (which is the one that worked for me) - It has a very MS Windows feel, and comes with various apps installed.

I am attempting to Load Open Office, FireFox and Thunderbird. Unfortunately the Portable Apps I run on my other 5GB Flash Drive which gives me OpenOffice, FireFox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and some others I cannot recall, only comes in Windows version a.t.m. however a Linux version is promised soon according to the website.

I'll let you know how it goes. Oh well must dash, now where did I put that Scholl Footware catalogue... ;)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Capactiybuilders Annual Conference - Birmingham 3rd July 2007

On Tuesday 3rd July 2007, Birmingham Botanical Gardens played host to this years annual Capacitybuilders conference.

As well as hosting the A.G.M. the conference also provided the platform from which Destination 2014 - Capacitybuilders vision for the future of the 3rd Sector was launched. Taking in to full account the various views expressed during the consultation this document is designed to clearly express the way forward for Capacitybuilders in relation to the ChangeUp programme as a whole.

Destination 2014 was presented to conference by Simon Hebditch, (pictured) Chief Executive of Capacitybuilders.
(For More Information on Destination 2014 Click Here)
Although there was not time to absorb and digest the full content of the publication, the main points were highlighted by Simon during his speech and the murmurings from the conference floor seemed to be positive.

The conference was also a chance for each of the regions to show case some of the projects being funded by Capacitybuilders money.

AFL were invited to showcase their Shuttle - Mobile ICT Suite - project as well as some of the work of the circuit rider project - Cambridgeshire Circuit Riders Project.
The two Pauls, Ruskin & Jefford - sounds like a bad 1930's musical hall act! - were on hand to represent their projects and the organistion, as well as supporting the most attractive dusky pink sashes, with pride! ;)

Capacitybuilders have also highlighted the Shuttle project as an example of the work they do in supporting the regions and we should be getting a copy of the case study they commissioned very soon, so watch this space!

All in all it was a good conference. Very educational, we learnt that Birmingham has not one, but two botanical gardens! We also found out that a large part of Edgbaston is a massive one way system, and they have an adversion to turning right!