Thursday, 12 July 2007

AFL SED adds another string to its bow

AFL's Social Enterprise Division added another string to its bow today with the completion of a successful net;gain pathfinder workshop which means it is well on the way to becoming a fully accredited net:gain centre.
Paul Ruskin, Director of Social Enterprise for AFL, said he was extremely pleased to be able to add net:gain to the SED stable, as he feels that the net:gain program not only reinforces, but enhances the work carried out by AFL's circuit rider project.

"Having an ICT strategy is becoming a must for all VCO's as funders and stakeholders are starting to require this as part of funding bid process. Helping VCO's develop their own ICT Strategic Plans has been at the heart of the work our Circuit Riders carry out - put simply, by the organisation better understanding what is they need to do, and to have, to deliver and fulfil their commitments to clients, stakeholders, staff and volunteers, it makes our job as technology providers and facilitators that much easier. It means we can more effectively deliver one of our key aims which is to make ICT an easy to use tool whilst ensuring it's not a burden in terms of access, time or cost".

The pathfinder workshop was lead by Paul Jefford and David Poulter from the Cambs Circuit Rider Project, both of whom are now on the verge of obtaining their licences as full net:gain trainers.
The workshop was attended by representatives from the newly merged voluntary services in Ely, Age Concern (UK and West Norfolk District), COVER, AFL, and Care Network.

The days proceedings were over seen by Serena Malone from ruralnet, the organisation responsible for net:gain.

We would like to express our very sincere thanks to all who participated in the workshop and making the day a success.

Below are some photos of the day!

AFL's very own Batman & Robin
a.k.a as Paul Jefford(l) and David Poulter(r)

Flying the company flag 1 - the new CCRP banner

Flying the Company Flag 2 - the new AFL SED Banner

The dynamic duo in action!

Delegates enjoying a nice refreshing cuppa before
embarking on the next step of the workshop

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