Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Capactiybuilders Annual Conference - Birmingham 3rd July 2007

On Tuesday 3rd July 2007, Birmingham Botanical Gardens played host to this years annual Capacitybuilders conference.

As well as hosting the A.G.M. the conference also provided the platform from which Destination 2014 - Capacitybuilders vision for the future of the 3rd Sector was launched. Taking in to full account the various views expressed during the consultation this document is designed to clearly express the way forward for Capacitybuilders in relation to the ChangeUp programme as a whole.

Destination 2014 was presented to conference by Simon Hebditch, (pictured) Chief Executive of Capacitybuilders.
(For More Information on Destination 2014 Click Here)
Although there was not time to absorb and digest the full content of the publication, the main points were highlighted by Simon during his speech and the murmurings from the conference floor seemed to be positive.

The conference was also a chance for each of the regions to show case some of the projects being funded by Capacitybuilders money.

AFL were invited to showcase their Shuttle - Mobile ICT Suite - project as well as some of the work of the circuit rider project - Cambridgeshire Circuit Riders Project.
The two Pauls, Ruskin & Jefford - sounds like a bad 1930's musical hall act! - were on hand to represent their projects and the organistion, as well as supporting the most attractive dusky pink sashes, with pride! ;)

Capacitybuilders have also highlighted the Shuttle project as an example of the work they do in supporting the regions and we should be getting a copy of the case study they commissioned very soon, so watch this space!

All in all it was a good conference. Very educational, we learnt that Birmingham has not one, but two botanical gardens! We also found out that a large part of Edgbaston is a massive one way system, and they have an adversion to turning right!

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