Saturday, 21 July 2007

Linux Phone Now Available!

WOW. Move over MS with your Mobile Windows! Ditch that MS based SmartPhone, there is a new kid on the block made by FIC of Taiwan.

In fact there are two models available.

Available in black/silver and orange/white finishes and cost $300 for the base model and $450 for the advanced.

What are the NEO's USP's

1. Only being sold in the US

2. Definetly not for use by the general public - being targeted at developers only.

3. Neither model has an integrated GPRS data access feature - and blurb on upcoming improvements fails to mention this either

4. You shouldn't rely on being able to make a call either

5. You can't send or receive txt msg's.

6. Doesn't integrate with Blue Tooth

7. There is no ability to set network preferences either

So lets all not rush out and by one just yet. However, knowing what the OpenSource community is like it won't be long before these issues are resolved.

Read more about these phones by clicking here and here