Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wednesday 12th September 2007

I enjoy reading!

I like to be able to dissappear off in to a world of fiction and lose myself in a darn fine yarn.

On some occasions it is even possible to empathise with the characters and feel what they feel.

Take this morning for instance. I now know Harry Potter feels!

OK, I 'd just like to say

  1. I'm not a fictional character - I think therefore I am
  2. I'm not a wizard - although I like to think in my role as a Circuit Rider I have performed the odd piece of magic
  3. I'm not a skinny runt with a lightening shaped scar on my head - I'm more of the Dudley Dursley build if I'm honest.

But I do now, know what its like when your family forgets your birthday!!

When they do finally twig that today is one they should remember it is with that casual oh well you don't really count birthdays at your age anymore, do you!?

However much that last statement might have a basis in truth it still doesn't forgive them.

It's a good job I don't hold grudges!

The people at work remembered (mind you I did put it up on the board!)

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