Friday, 12 October 2007

Circuit Rider Attacked By Fen Tiger!!

What are the odds? 

To be on the receiving end of the infamous Fen Tiger's attentions not once but twice!

Preparing for yet another action-packed day as a Circuit Rider - (each day is a cross between Forrest Gumps "Life Is Like A Box of Choc-o-lates  ye neva know wot ya gonna get" and Stars In Their Eyes - Tonight Matthew I'm Going To Be ...) - and having woken up with the headache from hell and therefore resorting to my favourite remedy for this - the 4 T's (Tea, Toast, Tablets and Twenty more minutes in bed) - it was whilst I was munching on my Vegemite toast that the fabled creature appeared and pinned me down and forcibly removed the toast from my plate!! Honest!! - She (yes the Fen Tiger is in fact a Tigress) even got me to 'cut' up the toast in to little fun size pieces so it was easier for her to manage!

I was a bit slow off the mark this time so I was unable to capture the creature on camera but my first attack.

However, here are the newspaper article and a picture of the felonious villian from that occasion. (More Here)

PS: Today Matthew I'm Going To Be An Astronaut! See Come On, Turn Up, Drop In

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