Thursday, 11 October 2007

Come On, Turn Up and Drop In

(apologies to Mr T Leary)

@spire - The Shuttle

It was action stations today at launch control (Cape Lancaster Way Business Park) and mission control as AFL Shuttle @spire and its crew prepare for their latest mission.

Operation Get On Line Day is due to commence at 10.00am on Friday 12th October - UK BST.

Part of Families Week, Get On Line Day, is an UK Online initiative aimed at getting more people using the web and computers.
Shuttle Commander, Peter Buchan, is joined by Paul Jefford (a vetran of early shuttle missions) and a first time Shuttlenaught - Giulia Vicari, an Italian Student, working with AFL's Social Enterprise Division.

This mission will be exciting as Shuttlenaught Vicari will be docking with the Shuttle once it has landed on Ely's Market Square. Commander Buchan's usual Co-Pilot will be flying the special mission to meet up with the shuttle to allow Vicari to transfer to main mission.

There was a slight problem reported yesterday when engineers realised that one of the rocket housings needed a bit of a 'touch up' to the finish after a recent structural repair. 

However a support team managed to put this right this afternoon when Peter turned up with a can of black hammerite smooth.

Early indications are that the weather should not interfere with the mission but this is mid October, England, UK so basically who trusts weather forecasters!

Details of the shuttle's latest mission will be posted on this site as soon as possible after the event.

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