Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A Day In The Life Of A Circuit Rider

What makes a good circuit rider?
  1. An understanding of the VCS? Possibly!

  2. A good technical back ground/good technical knowledge? Will help!

  3. An understanding of applications both open source and 'Microsoft'? Ditto!

  4. Knowing how to work a projector at an AGM? Does carry a few brownie points!

  5. Excellent Working Knowledge of PowerPoint. Obviously!

No1 Most Important - Watching Blue Peter As A Child!!!

How else would any self respecting Circuit Rider know how to turn a flower pot stand in to a projector stand using

2 x Tea Trays
1 x NetGear Print Server (in its packaging)
1 x 12" long piece of scrap wood 3/4" x 1/2"
White Electrical Tape
Masking Tape

Not a yoghurt pot, brass paper fastner, no rubber solution glue or any sticky backed plastic in sight!

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Laura said...

Oh - how this rings so true!
Top post!