Sunday, 28 October 2007

Do you WILF?

66% of Internet Users have done it.
You are 60% more likely to do it if you live Scotland than elesewhere in the UK.
Men are bigger WILFers than women :)
If you are over 55 you are 3 time less likely to do it then if you are 25.

A term derived from What Was I Looking For - WILFing is the art of surfing the net without real purpose, and, according to various reports could soon become a national pastime.

I have to admit here and now to being a serial WILFer. My excuse is I use iGoogle as my web browser home page. I make use of the facility to customise the page to have sections, in fact I even have tabbed pages so my content is over three pages.
Page 1: Dedicated to useful Work and Personal Shortcuts, News, Sport, Weather etc.
Page 2: Various Games
Page 3: Really Sexy - all things FOSS

In fact it was a spot of WILFing that lead to this blog entry.

I went to look up the opening times of the local vets and my browser opened on the FOSS page and I saw an article about "Open Source: The most disruptive force in IT today ?" Of course I had to take a look and then found that the FULL Article does not exist so I followed the links to the the related sites... and so it began...

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