Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Here's One I Made Earlier....

Having already in an earlier post waxed lyrical about the need to have watched Blue Peter to be a true circuit rider.

I have even more evidence...

I think the following could become the Circuit Rider Motto

"We the (un)willing
Lead by the Unknowing
And having achieved so much from so little so often
We are now able to make anything out of nothing"

Any way only a true circuit rider could turn

hee hee can yu guess what it iz yet?

That's right
In To

A fully working office for our Projects Division 

All 0ut of old cardboard boxes, sticky tape, bag ties, the foil off yoghurt pots, string, 
round-nosed scissors(we got an adult to help with the cutting out) poster paint, cotton wool, Lesley Judd, and lots and lots of sticky-backed plastic!

We took the "Build An Operations Room For Your Male Action Figures" make and adjusted it a bit! Just hope we got the scale right! I think we should have used rubber solution glue to stick things together. I said they only use double-sided tape on the 'make' coz it was quicker and to show you the finished object! Would they listen?...........

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