Friday, 12 October 2007

This Is One Small Step For UK ONLINE. One Giant Leap for AFL

Live from the surface of planet Red Square, Ely.

I am writing this entry live from our mission to Ely Market Square.

Take Off was delayed by 45 minutes due to a rogue car being parked to close to the support gantries so the launch pad had to be re-sited!

We arrived on the square at 09:50 UK BST and had the Shuttle up and running by 10:05 ready to deliver UK ONLINEs Get On Line Day. A small technical problem arose at 10:30 which was a bit of a Huston We Have a Problem, this resulted in an unscheduled EVA to repair an transmission cable. Flt Lt Poulter carried out the repair with his teeth an a small piece of chewing gum wrapper (kidding! it was a bit of polo packet!) ;)

It is now 14:30 and the mission is going well. The indigenous population are friendly, and the flight crew have invited several people to join them on the flight deck and recieve free gifts in exchange for playing a simple on-line day.
Here are some pictures of the mission so far.
@spire - safely landed on the surface of Red Square
One of our younger visitors enjoying a visit to the shuttle

Commander Buchan in conversation with an interested visitor.

More pictures will be posted later...

Click ->Here <- For More Pictures

Or ->Here<- for something more moving!

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