Friday, 8 February 2008

Do you want fires with that, Have an Nice Day!


1. I know that fast-food burger chains are sh!te
2. Staff in these emporiums are either students earning some beer money or lifes less fortunate people who at least have gone out and got a job
3. If you chose to eat in places like this you deserve everything you get

On our way to a gig tonight a friend and I stopped at just such a eatery!
The chain shall remain nameless.

We enter the restaurant to find one very suspect looking employee standing by the till looking at the queue waiting to order. As previously mentioned we know that staff are very likely not to be the fizziest drink in the fridge, but our friend, lets call him/her (oh yes you really couldn't tell even the deep voice and the beard were no guarantees I can assure you) Hermi.

Hermi eventually starts bagging up meals that have been order by those in front of us. I wouldn't say they were slow, but by the time s/he got one lot of meals bagged the sell by date had expired, some other chap who was 17 when he came in and left drawing his pension, was complaining that
[a] it was taking a long time to get his order
[b] they had got it wrong - wanted 3 lumps of regurge in buns and he got two
[c] having realised that he had only been charged for two Hermi asks the chap for payment for the 3rd. This is more that he paid for the previous two! I'm not surprised, in that time inflation most have gone up!

Finally we get to order our meals. Hmm! 2 lumps of recycled meat product topped with cheese and bacon, a cup of orange food colouring topped up with gas, and a bag of yellow thin things that resemble corn sticks, claim to be chips, sorry fries, but they have been as near a potato as the meat in the burger has a cow!

So in summary a not very fast fast food outlet with dodgey staff!
I love the signs you see in pubs, "We don't do fast food, we do good food prepared as quickly as we can"

Yeah well, jog on. This was definitely not fast food served slower than slow.

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